Private coaching
(all include worksheets)

£70/hour - fully personalised meeting

£50/hour- chosen course

£100/hour- family meeting (up to 2 adults and children)

Our private consultations start with an initial assessment to cover your experiences and needs, or those of the person you support, before being supported with personalised worksheets and/or strategies based on a main need.

Further consultations will allow us to develop strategies and make them more personalised and effective for your needs.

Sensory engaging toys/activities will be available to explore and use at any point during all meetings held face to face in The Snug.

General strategies and information worksheets

£ Price varies

Contact us about any support you require and we’ll let you know what resources we have available. 

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First session half price

It’s great news that you’re thinking about joining us!

Get your first hourly consultation half price as a welcome gift.


I would like to support but I don't know what I need. What are my next steps?

Contact us and we can arrange your first private consultation. We will gently work through an initial assessment together and look for ways to support you in your daily life.

Is it possible to have the consultation online?

Yes! Our consultations can take place online if you’d prefer.

Do you diagnose ASD, ADHD, dyslexia?

No we don’t diagnose. We offer support for people and carers after a diasgnosis (including self diagnosis).

Can I get information and support about the behaviour of the neurodivergent person I care for?

Of course! We can discuss the behaviours and patterns of the person you support and suggest strategies such as fidget items, communication types etc to minimise distress.